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Santa Never Made It, by Liza Perrat
December 16, 2011 04:13 AM PST

Christmas Day, 1974.

Australians woke to the news that tropical cyclone Tracy had devastated the town of Darwin in Northern Territory. 71 people had been killed and over 70% of Darwin's buildings destroyed.

But for 12 year old Wendy, the storm was to have quite different consequences.

Kimi's Secret, by John Hudspith
December 02, 2011 04:13 AM PST

Our first YA podcast is the opening of Kimi's Secret by John Hudspith, read by JJ Marsh.

Wanna hear something really scary?

When death comes knocking on your door there is really only one place to hide. Dragged screaming to the paranormal world of Heart, where ghosts are real, big cats prowl, aliens are greylians, monkeys rule, trolls troll, fairies are vermin, the Adepts always know best, magic is mojo and roasted dodo is the dish of the day; Kimi Nichols is handed a secret that must never be revealed. To do so would mean the end of mankind. 

WARNING: contains imploding toads, gravity-defying clowns, liquefied brains, a sadistic dentist and a deformed taxidermist; great dollops of blood and bogies, half a million crows, and a giant with OCD.

Gothic horror meets supernatural sci-fi; Kimi’s Secret will leave you gagging, breathless and sleeping with the light on. Suitable for grinning little monsters aged 10 to 100.

To find out more, find Kimi's Secret on Facebook or you can buy the book from Amazon, as a paperback or for Kindle.

Writing to Live Again
November 03, 2011 08:32 AM PDT

“As one writer put it, the rapt attention of an audience is like a mirror in front of her,reassuring her that, after all the horror and degradation, she is still, powerfully and triumphantly, alive.”
[Sheila Hayman, Write to Life coordinator]

Freedom from Torture’s creative writing group Write to Life was set up by the playwright SonjaLinden eleven years ago. It began with just four writers and a couple of mentors and showed how writing can help survivors cope better with their pasts and with the present.

The group now comprises some 20 clients, all referred by counsellors who recognise that for somewriting can heal like no other form of therapy. Their work is truly ground-breaking. Write to Life ispossibly the only therapeutic writing group in the world dedicated specifically to survivors of torture.

Many of the writers are in what the group’s current coordinator, film maker and novelist SheilaHayman, describes as ‘a state of petrifaction’, unable to work, endlessly waiting to hear if their asylum application has been accepted. Writing is something they can do anywhere, at any time. “All it takes is a pen and paper and enough peace to be able to let the words come out.”

We are exceptionally privileged to be able to bring you a podcast that features performances from seven of Write to Life’s very talented poets.

You can read the text of five of these poems on our blog at http://quinnpublications.blogspot.com/2011/11/writing-to-live-again.html

I am alive*, by ‘Faith’ (Ethiopia)
I know*, by Tim (Congo)
What belongs to me*, by ‘Saber’
Drifting, by Stephen (Burundi)
I hear a voice, by ‘Uganda’
Glimpse*, by Stephanie (Cameroon)
My Hands*, by ‘Rocher’ (DRC)

Dark Heart, by Darren J Guest
October 20, 2011 09:32 AM PDT

This month we bring you the opening of Darren J Guest's intelligent, complex horror novel, Dark Heart, read by Daniel Barzotti.

On Leo's sixteenth birthday. something bad happened. Something so traumatic his mind fractured, and darkness filled the crack. Twenty years on and the crack is a canyon. The schizophrenic hallucination that offered sympathy has taken to mocking him, and the memory of that long-ago birthday claws at his darkest fears, overshadowing even the murder of his younger brother Davey. But just when Leo thinks life can't get and worse... Leo dies. 

A demon returns after twenty years. 

An Angel follows close behind. 

Leo is caught in an age-old conflict, his past lying at the dark heart of it all. 

To find out more about Dark Heart and about Darren Guest, visit his blog at www.darrenjguest.com

Our Little Secret, by Barbara Scott-Emmett
August 02, 2011 12:53 AM PDT

Our Little Secret, by Barbara Scott-Emmett was first published in her book 'Drowning'. It is read here by the author.

The day the Sandersons went home is so much more than just the last day of summer...

Read more by and about Barbara Scott-Emmett on her blog: http://barbarascottemmett.blogspot.com/

Tales of Unrequited Love, by Anna Hobson.
July 14, 2011 04:22 AM PDT

Our latest podcast is a selection of poems from the collection, Tales of Unrequited Love, by Anna Hobson, performed by the author.

Anna tells us, "They are inspired by dark humanity; by the shifting seething turmoil within; by the sparks created by collisions of character. I write about love, pain and heartbreak; about blind instinct, manipulation, and the selfish guzzling of emotion."

Music is copyright John Hobson, from the album Wireless.

Anna established the group Oxford Creative Writers in April 2010 as an informal setting for local unpublished authors to discuss their work. She is currently writing her first novel, and regularly performs her poetry at literary events. Recent appearances include Oxfringe and Stoke Newington Literary Festival as a member of The New Libertines group. In her capacity as Publications Coordinator for the Oxford International Women’s Festival she organises Open Mic fundraisers, as well as managing the design, content and distribution of the Festival Programme.

You can read more of Anna's poetry on her website: http://makewordsnotwar.wordpress.com/
Tales of Unrequited Love is to to be published in August 2011.

Altered by JW Hicks
June 27, 2011 02:31 AM PDT

In the June Edition of Words with Jam, JW Hicks won second and third prizes in our Opening Page Competition.

Of 'Altered', which won second prize, the judge, Andrew Crofts, wrote: 'Wonderful, colloquial writing that is easy to read despite the unusual use of language. The first paragraph is fabulous - funny shocking, intriguing... The whole page is vibrant, funny and the slang doesn't sound forced or false... I love it and would really like to read more. I want to find out more about Raft and Ratty. I even want to know more about the 'sizeable corpse'"

Well, for all of you who felt the same, here is the whole of the first chapter, read by the author.

And if you want to find out more about JW Hicks, you can read an interview with her at:

Immune, by Mig Living
June 08, 2011 07:50 AM PDT

We've got something different for you this time.
First, a short story, 'Immune', written by Mig Living.
Secondly, a piece of music inspired by the story. The title is 'I Walked with a Zombie', by Schmuckfenster.

"Every day is a struggle for survival against the zombie hordes.
Baron is on his own.
Apart from his zombie."

'Immune' is read for you by Axeman.

Aubergine, by Helen Smith
May 10, 2011 04:56 AM PDT

Aubergine by Helen Smith. A short story told by the author.

Something very strange is happening to Claire. Could it be connected to her age? Or the fact that she's a woman? Or is she experiencing more than a general feeling of malaise?

Music by Kevin MacLeod, http://incompetech.com/.

Helen Smith is the author of Alison Wonderland, Being Light and The Miracle Inspector. She has a blog at http://helensmithblog.blogspot.com.

The Beast Next Door
April 21, 2011 03:37 AM PDT

This month, we are proud to bring you The Beast Next Door by Susan Howe, read by Daniel Barzotti.

Gerald knows what was happening to his neighbour, but is he the best person to help her?

The Beast Next Door was selected as Story of the Month by Circalit in April 2011 and will shortly be published as an app by Ether Books.


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